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Learn more about Jordan Hunt, the London-based composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist and his collaborators.


Jordan Hunt is Musical Director of the Theo Adams Company.


The Theo Adams Company is an ever-growing and changing London-based collective of multi-disciplinary artists, designers, dancers, musicians, and performers from across the globe, brought together by artist and director Theo Adams. We create unique large-scale theatrical productions, film, immersive events, photography and sound work.


Our debut production was premiered at Tate Britain, London in 2008. We have since gone on to stage our work at some of the world's most prestigious theatres and art institutions as well as bridging fashion, art and performance through carefully selected partnerships with major collaborations for the likes of Louis Vuitton, W Magazine and Liberty of London. 


The Theo Adams Company’s debut film project 'Safety Curtain' was premiered on Channel 4 in 2016.



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Principle Six is a collective of composers and songwriters, a performing ensemble and a record label.


Principle Six are James Field, Jordan Hunt, Sarah Kershaw, Nicole Robson, Charlie Stock, Will Turner-Duffin.




Formed in 2012, Principle Six is a close-knit group of friends who met at various stages through art-pop orchestra The Irrepressibles. Six musicians with very different backgrounds, they nonetheless share a common musical sensibility and desire to push themselves creatively with the support of a collective.


A unique formula in today’s music industry Principle Six operates on multiple levels. It is a collaborative platform for six solo projects with the aim of showcasing their work in both a live and recorded context. It is a performing entity comprising strings, piano, percussion, guitar and electronic elements and it is simply of group of curious musicians excited by collaboration with other artists, not only in the sphere of music but in dance, film, theatre, and performance art.


Bowed, plucked, hammered and programmed, the music of Principle Six is by turns organic, minimal and symphonic. Weaving the darkly beautiful and melancholic, with the uplifting and joyous, they toy with classical values such as the essence and quality of acoustic sound to forge a new kind of pop.


Their first release is P6 001, Jordan Hunt - Long Lost EP


Jordan Hunt is long-time musical companion to Olivia Chaney. They met in 2004 and have been friends and collaborators since.

She is a Grammy Award-nominated, classically-trained singer and pianist, self-taught guitar and Indian harmonium player. She delves back to the inspiration behind the British folk revivalists, and has since built a loyal and growing following as a songwriter and interpreter, both in the UK and internationally, through her acclaimed and eclectic live performances and much-lauded recorded works. They regularly perform together live, and in 2018 notably on BBC2’s Later… with Jools Holland, BBC4’s British Folk Awards and during extensive tours of North America and beyond.

Jordan appears as violinist and backing vocalist on her critically-acclaimed 2015 Nonesuch debut, The Longest River ('an enchanting and stately creation' - Guardian, 'A landmark release' - Independent).


He subsequently appears on Olivia's second solo album released by Nonesuch - Shelter - which was produced by Thomas Bartlett (David Byrne, Sufjan Stevens, St.Vincent, The National, Florence Welch).  Already applauded as a sophomore triumph, the media are saying: 'even the simplest arrangements seem to ooze with an inherently fluid musicality. From the deathless serenity of the opening title track to the neo-classical closer "House On The Hill", here is transcendent refuge from the storm.’ – Uncut; ‘A finely wrought piece of work, with Chaney’s swooping delivery turning songs into dramas. An elegant, luminous album.’ – Observer; ‘A beautifully haunting meditation on the human condition.’ – Sun;  ‘The ravishing follow-up to the Chaney's acclaimed debut is an exercise in bejewelled simplicity. Chaney's clear resonating voice is a superlative means to convey this eagle-eyed observer's tender intimations like Dragonfly and A Tree Grows In Brooklyn. A triumph.' – Daily Mirror.


BBC Folk Awards
Olivia Chaney St Pancras Old Church Dec 2012